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Die-cut packaging

We are happy to produce the right packaging for your requirements. The focus here is on our unprinted die-cut packaging, including transport packaging and shipping packaging made of corrugated board.

Product protection, functionality and environmental compatibility, but also lean manufacturing in production are the main focus here. With sophisticated designs, we do everything for logistical optimisation and a high level of safety on the way to the customer.

prima Topboard

The prima Topboard is an innovative pallet cover that has optimum properties due to its simple construction and the use of very strong corrugated cardboard: light – extremely stable – ecological

Return packaging for mobile phones

This fixation packaging can be used for any mobile phone or tablet model to ship it safely. For perfect protection against transport damage, the product is clamped under the plastic film and thus protected from impacts. This fixation is an optimal complete solution for shipping high-quality and sensitive products.

Bitumen packaging

This packaging places high demands on the corrugated board material. The silicone-coated paper must be heat-resistant and the construction very stable in order to safely pack the 200 °C hot bitumen. This environmentally friendly packaging replaces the plastic bucket in road construction.

Constructive packaging

Here, design and technical production are optimally linked. The integrated carrying handle is reinforced by a tear thread that is applied directly to the corrugated board during production and replaces a plastic handle that is glued on afterwards. This saves time and costs in the production of the packaging.

Flexo printed die-cut packaging

In this area, we offer packaging from single-colour printing to high-quality four-colour printing with varnish. From brown to white coated paper, we print everything.

Flexo printing is the leading printing process in the packaging industry. It is a post-print printing process that uses printing forms to print directly onto the corrugated board.

Shipping box

Online trade is growing and so is the need for shipping packaging. This two-part shipping box consists of a single-colour printed lid and a brown unprinted base. By delivering the packaging flat, our customer saves on transport costs and storage capacity.

Bag in Box

Vitamins perfectly packaged – the vitamins are perfectly stored in the bag-in-box packaging. The juice is protected from light and oxygen and can be kept closed for up to nine months. Bag in Box is the ideal packaging for liquid products: a corrugated cardboard box on the outside and a bag on the inside. The cardboard protects against damage and light and is also an advertising medium.

Sales tray

The shelf-ready packaging supports the successful sale of the product at retail. The open design of the front offers good product visibility and the all-round four-colour print on the outside increases the advertising effectiveness at the POS.

Sales & Transport Packaging

This shelf-ready packaging has been optimised to meet the requirements of each individual product and the complete supply chain: From the industrial packing process, storage and delivery to the customer, to the finished sales tray in the shop. This packaging delivers optimal product presentation at the POS.

Glass packaging

This packaging offers optimal product protection and high transport safety. The integrated compartment separates the jars from each other and protects them from breaking. This 3-point glued packaging is highly efficient in the material flow: in storage due to only one blank, in production due to easy erection and in logistics due to minimal space requirements.

Offset printed die-cut packaging

Offset printing is particularly well suited for photo-realistic representations on packaging. Offset printing is of greatest importance for consumer and shelf packaging as well as for advertising media, e.g. displays. Offset-printed packaging consists of the corrugated board and the printing paper, which is laminated onto the corrugated board.

In order to show the colours to their best advantage, white and usually additionally coated papers are used as substrates. In the offset printing process there are numerous finishing techniques, such as embossing with foils, UV varnishes or iriodine inks. Ask us.

Sales and promotional packaging

This is a high-quality sales packaging with high transport safety. This multi-pack presents the contents at the POS in style and achieves a high brand presence by staging a pleasure experience and can positively influence the purchase decision.

Packing with attached bars

This packaging offers optimum product protection through adapted interior fittings and high transport safety.

Bag in Box

In retail, bag-in-box packaging serves as an eye-catching advertising medium with which new target groups can be developed. In contrast to conventional bottle labels, bag-in-box packaging has a large communication surface. Another strength of the bag-in-box system is its excellent eco-balance. Bag-in-box packaging requires far less energy to produce and can be recycled much more efficiently than a glass bottle.

Sales packaging

The sales packaging for Tupperware is an optimised standard packaging with a double tuck-in base for particularly good product and transport protection. The top insert lid is also double to protect the product from damage from all sides.

Saw blade packaging

An intelligent industrial packaging that protects the product from corrosion. A PET-coated paper is used for this high-quality packaging. Special features of this packaging are the high user-friendliness, the good portability by means of a handle and the resealing by means of Velcro fasteners.


POS-Displays aus Pappe sind eine beliebte Wahl für den Einsatz in Geschäften, Supermärkten und anderen Einzelhandelsumgebungen. Sie sind leicht, kostengünstig und einfach zu montieren und zu transportieren. POS-Displays aus Pappe können auch individuell gestaltet werden, um auf die Marke oder das Produkt abgestimmt zu sein, das sie präsentieren. Sie sind eine effektive Möglichkeit, um die Aufmerksamkeit von Kunden auf sich zu ziehen und sie zu informieren und zu inspirieren. POS-Displays aus Pappe sind auch umweltfreundlich, da sie aus recycelbaren Materialien hergestellt werden und nach ihrer Verwendung einfach recycelt werden können.

POS Displays

Displays dienen der Absatzförderung von Waren und haben eine Signalfunktion direkt am POS, wo die Kaufentscheidung fällt. Wir bieten hier den Komplettservice von der Konstruktion, beginnend bei der ersten Mustererstellung, über die Fertigung in unserer Produktion bis hin zur Auslieferung der Fertigware.

Packaging fulfils the most diverse requirements for product protection, marketing and logistics:


Packaging development

Perfection is not achieved when nothing more can be added, but when nothing more can be left out.

Pack better, transport safely.

Ingenuity lies in simple products, and that corresponds to our idea of perfection. Together we develop your customised packaging. We accompany you from your idea through development and production to the finished product.

Packaging is the figurehead for your brand and your company. Our packaging solutions package and protect your products and optimise your profitability. According to your wishes, we develop a packaging concept tailored to your requirements with our experience, technical know-how and innovative spirit.

Consulting services

The path to packaging begins above all with questions upon questions. Our excellent advisors know the answers. Our field service advisors will be happy to visit you on site, bring time and, if possible, sample packs with them.

  • Consultation directly in your company
  • Packaging concepts adapted to your products and processes
  • CAD-supported design
  • Rapid production of samples for testing and improvement
  • Optimisation of your existing packaging

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